Start Right

“What got you here won’t get you there” - Marshall Goldsmith

An innovative service offered exclusively by Source Executive Recruitment. The service consists of Coaching for integration into the company world, performance and retention and is provided for most of our middle and upper management placements.

Using coaching conducted by a highly qualified, internationally accredited Executive Coach. The aim is to provide support to integrate new hires in the organization in the shortest time frame possible. The company offers this additional support to new hires on top of the existing on-boarding program.

Benefits for our clients include:

Becoming a high performing organization: improved performance and efficiency
New employees become quickly productive within the new environment and management style
New hires’ roles are clearly aligned to organizational missions and goals
Energized, motivated, committed and empowered employees
Detecting the talent early on and bringing out the potential from new hires
Company branding: to be an attractive employer choice by investing in and supporting employees’ success and excellence
Organisational expectations, performance standards, as well as behaviors are clearly communicated to new hires
Building trust and mutual respect between new hire, manager and the team